Question for women about the labia minora


I just started seeing the amazing woman. Absolutely beautiful in every way. She has a fairly enlarged Labia Minora and I have not come across this in my day. What I was wondering is, when stimulating her (orally or manually) do I play with her any differently? Broader strokes (for lack of a better term)? Does this effect overall sensitivity? Basically I want to know if there is anything I can do differently to better enhance her sexual experience. Thank you kindly.


Labias are all different

I answer this from my ownpoint and all my girlfriends.. labias do not give women pleasure. . Women prefer wen u (gently) pull them apart (or out of way) so there clits more exposed.. the big c is the solution to everything


Ask her

Seriously, why are you asking here what your gf would like?
You must ask her. She is the only person who could possibly answer that.
Try different things out, see how she responds, ask which she prefers.

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